Visual Story Media

What would it be worth to you to be able to see and hear your grandparents on their wedding day? What do you think your wedding video will be worth to your children someday? Their children?

These are important questions as you begin planning your wedding day. Life Events Video will create for you a family heirloom that will last far longer than your wedding day itself, enabling you and future generations of your family to truly relive the day you brought your lives together. High definition equipment means crystal clear images; professional wireless microphones mean you'll be able to clearly hear your vows, the singing, readings, and toasts; and most importantly, experienced professional camera people (with backup equipment) ensure that your day is captured unobtrusively and completely.

We've been capturing weddings professionally since 1987, and coverage begins at $395.00. Visit our website at for details and to view samples of our work. Life Events Video: “These are the memories that don't fade.”